They are the symbol of Chinese wild animals. To be honest, who can resist the huge black and white, teddy bears eating bamboo?

GameArt developers certainly don't want players to resist the cuteness of their injection into Fortune Panda. This video slot game is really about cute animals and their natural environment. Players have the opportunity to enjoy (almost) the real giant panda company and win large cash prizes in the process. What doesn't you like there? Read on our full review of Panda Fortune to learn more about this fluffy and fun slot machine game... Panda wealth naturally occurs in the natural habitat of pandas: thick Chinese bamboo forest. The scrolls are made entirely of bamboo branches and the game has a unique natural and green feel. The background doesn't show a lot of details, but the overall atmosphere of the game will make you feel like you are standing in the middle of the bamboo forest, looking for wild giant pandas.