Now you can rotate the reels and try to win the grand prize. You need to match similar symbols on the active payline to win. The Golden Dragon symbol makes it easier because it is a Wild symbol that can be used for all game symbols in this slot. If you bet five coins on each payline, you can win the maximum game bonus of 5,000 coins by matching three golden dragon symbols on a particular payline.

The dragon is known for its great desire for gold. They took all the gold coins they found in the cave and guarded it there. The Golden Dragon in this game may be the biggest edge of gold. If you are brave enough, you can sneak into his cave and take some action. But try not to wake up the dragon! The game design is simple but still attractive. The developer uses the picture of the dragon and the shield, and the two crossed swords serve as the commonality between the game symbol and the slot machine symbol. The game also has simple but very good animations.