Once activated, it will provide an additional three rounds and a new set of rewards. Here, we encounter 5 symbols in the shape of colorful pictographs, each with its own bonus, allowing you to earn points.

The Feng Shen video slot is Dream Tech's software. Dream Tech is a developer who has only been on the market for a few years, but it has also opened the way. The upcoming software company is located in the Philippines and is primarily designed to create reliable games for the Asian market - this is evident here. Getting started with Feng Shen doesn't require downloading, so you can get up and running right after loading (this takes time depending on your device speed and broadband connection). Although you will be warned: Once you enter the game, pinch off a cup of tea, or click on another page in the browser to view the received email, when you return, the slot will pause and need to be reloaded