All 10 symbols look as elegant as a grid, and no symbol suggests that they are not as rich as some other symbols, just like the shadows of the 1960s. They are worth only 3 to 50 coins, but they look as impressive as the high heels that cost between 7 and 75.

From a quick glance, you might think that the woman with the red hair will be the best you can get, her glowing pearls attract your eyes, and the 2000 awards she carries. But she is not the highest prize here, oh no, this is the diamond ring, which is stealing the show. For the glamour world, diamonds are indeed the best friends of girls. In setting up the payline, the brand returns to a trusted format that clicks on the numbers on either side of the grid; it makes the control panel more compact and sharp, making it too large. This is our favorite interface feature and I believe that all slot machines should use it.