6-axis slot machines are rare, but they offer players more chances to win the line. The usual playing card symbols appear in this game, some with the focus of fortune cookies, diamonds and flowers, when the 9,10, J or Q constitutes the victory line, they will pay 10 to 40 times the line bet, to 15 K or A land when times between 60 times.

Fortune cookies, lanterns, a bunch of firecrackers and delicately detailed turtles and lion sculptures will pay more, but the top prizes are paid by our friendly emperor himself. When he is on 3 reels, he gets a 50x online bet bonus, and 4, 5 or 6 will equal 100x, 150x or 200x bonus. This is also a symbol of wildness, and he creates additional winning lines in several ways. If a combination can be completed, he can replace someone else, or he can get a higher bonus on the right reel. But in a unique twist, if two wild symbols appear on the same line, any symbol between them will become more symbols, which may lead to some big wins.