No matter how much you win, the slot will automatically re-support you to help you trigger new payments. Respin not only allows you to get the bonus again, but also moves all 5 reels 1 to the right, leaving a blank spot on the first reel filled with the machine and using a brand new symbol batch. If your respin wins again, the game will continue to move the reels to the right and give you 3 new symbols until the victory is no longer triggered.


Although it looks unique, the witch is not the original idea. Not only is this slot inspired by the fairy tale game we've seen recently, but it also uses a combination of features found in other online slots, even outside the studio collection. Through Boongo's own catalog, you can find an equally enticing game called 12 animals. It also has 30 paylines, a re-feature that is activated after winning, symbols and wild card exchange, and free spins. wheel. If it's not a rotation symbol and wins a multiplier, then the game will be too similar. Iron Dog's Siren's Kingdom is another slot with similar features, but with the addition of symbol exchange and repetition, you can find more similar games in just a few clicks.