Nian Nian You Yu is a popular phrase used during the Lunar New Year and I hope that the rest of the people around you will be rich and colorful. A suitable name for a video slot, you can pay both ways on 9 paylines, because you will find the victory is quite easy, considering that there are some top victories.

You have to reach 5 to get these, but wild and scattered symbols can make your wallet a welcome when you wait. Especially because it has a 2x multiplier on its tail. In general, I have to say that this is a pretty good topic. From lucky fish, to dumpling dumplings, to Chinese scattered, and light music in the background; in this game, there is a festival, easy, and the air makes us play such simple gameplay time more than expected. That is to say, there is no doubt that part of the big draw is that you can trigger the mysterious jackpot bonus game at any time.