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[Limited Time Giveaway] starts from now: Crazy Giveaway Free Credit MYR10

Share, Share, Share!!! Just help us share and all users can redeem the free credit amount MYR10. Due to maximize the beneficial, we take this chance to say thank you for you all supported us along the way. Now, it is the chance which you all have been waiting for.

{Welcome to all new visitors, you all are including as well}

Just follow these steps to redeem your free credit

We here offer 4 different ways to give users choose how to share. Don’t worry. We are here to guide you all to redeem.

Option A

Use Facebook to share this link:


Step 1: Open Facebook

Step 2: Search for 5 groups which has minimum 10K members.

Step 3: Copy and paste the link into the caption box.

Step 4: Post the link into the groups and after posted, don’t forget to copy the link of the post into the Google Form created by us. (Total 5 links) Once verified, we will credit the MYR10 to your game account.


-Make sure that the links (total 5 links into Google Form) are can be opened.

-M5 groups selected must have minimum 10K members.

-User must share the link into 5 different groups and the groups are not less than 10K members.

Option B

Use Instagram to share the link:


Step 1: Open your Instagram account.

Step 2: Select any picture which has related to our website or game.

Step 3: Copy and paste the link attached with the picture. Tag 5 of your close friends.

Step 4: After shared, copy the link and paste into the Google Form provided. Our Customer Service will take action on verifying all the link. The MYR10 credit will be added to user’s account.


-Account and post must be opened to public so our Customer Service can easily track the activities.

-A post must have minimum 1 picture that is related field and 5 friends are tagged into your post.

-The picture of post must be related with our website activities (Slot games, website background, related field picture etc.)

Option C

Either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? If users quite using Twitter, we also accept the tweet sharing:


Step 1: Open your Twitter account.

Step 2: Copy and paste the link.

Step 3: Tag 5 friends to see your tweet.

Step 4: After shared, copy the link that you had tweet and then paste into our Google Form which has created by us.


-Account and tweet posted must be put into public to make convenience for our Customer Service for verifying process.

-5 friends tagged are needed in the tweet.

-The tweet shared link must be filled in Google Form that we made here. If not, we may not have any route to track your activities.

Option D

We also provide sharing and write review with Google Map. The link can be copied and directly proceed to the location:

Just copy link and share, Then write some review for it, you will get the free credit MYR10


Step 1: Use the link given: ( and it will bring you to the page as below.

Step 2: Help us for reviewing with good comments or 5 stars rating for this Google Map location.

Step 3: After reviewed, click “share” and will proceed to the page below.

Step 4: Users can choose either want to copy the link, then paste into Facebook or Twitter, or directly to the official Facebook or Twitter also be able. (Choose one Facebook or Twitter to share only)

Step 5: Make sure the sharing post is opened to public.

Step 6: After taking some time on reviewing and sharing, don’t forget to write some review and copy the shared link and paste into the Google Form that we created.


-The post must be created into public.

-Google review must be done at least once per user.

-The Facebook link must be pasted into the Google Form that we created earlier.

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