The cost of rotation is between 2 and 100 credits. If your goal is to win, then the general rule for all progressive slot machines is to pay more for the spin because a certain percentage of the bet contributes to the progressive accumulator.

Here, the four types of progressive wins are Grand, Major, Minor and Mini. These secret rooms in the Taj Mahal are unlocked with three Jackpot icons depicting Ganesha. This is one of the most admired gods in the Hindu Pantheon. It only appears on the second, third and fourth reels and triggers the astrological wheel. Rotate it to determine your big payment. Other special characters in the palace include non-paid wildlife depicting the Taj Mahal and precious brooch, a scatter plot. Five of them will be multiplied by the total number of shares x25. The five main symbols of the odds table are the gold depictions of Mumtaz Mahal, elephants, tigers, peacocks and cobras. These will pay up to 25 to 15 points on the winning line.