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If you are familiar with this movie, you will know that you can enjoy the moment you open the Halloween video slot. The game takes place on a screen that looks like the front porch of the Strode family and has a transparent scroll in front of the building. On the reel, you will naturally see images of all the main characters of the film, as well as many iconic items that real fans will recognize. Of course, there are also a lot of audio clips in the movie, many of which are played when you win with the right character.




This machine has several special features that can help you escape Michael Myers and take away some big expenses. First of all, there are some wild symbols that can act according to your expectations and replace any icons to help make the winning line. In addition, you will collect at least three scattered bonus symbols in the same rotation. When you do this, you'll be inspired by a series of special features that start with a tricky round reward.

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As in the first game, the three key symbols in Highway Kings Pro are trucks. Once again, the red truck is Mack Daddy, paying 10 to 2, 50 to 3,500 to 4 and 10,000 for the highest prize of 5. The other two yellow and green trucks can be mixed and matched to form a winning combination. They pay 5 to 2, 20 to 3, 150 to 4 and 1,000 to 5.




The bonus symbol is indicated by a checkered flag. It only appears on the first and fifth reels, and if it falls on both, it activates the truck racing reward. A screen with three trucks will appear, each representing a series of free games. Claim 10 to 25 free spins by clicking on the corresponding arrow to select one of the vehicles. After that, the screen will change to show three highways. Decide which game you want your truck to play in and watch the action. Depending on where your truck enters, you will get a free game multiplier between 2 and 5.

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The first thing to do before starting your Eastern journey is to choose a bet for each spin. This game has 40 paylines, you can choose to play as many paylines as you want, or choose as few paylines as you want per spin.




Keep an eye on the Chinese alphabet, as this is a scatter icon in the game. This symbol appears on the second, third and fourth reels, rotating 3 or more trigger free spins, which gives the opportunity to initially enjoy 8 free spins. In this round, additional gold plaques appear on the screen to provide more crazy chances of winning. In addition, if you rotate 3 Chinese alphabets again, you will trigger 8 free spins! These free spins can be triggered indefinitely, so keep an eye out for Chinese lettering to get a potentially unlimited free chance to win.

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The fruit on the reel is classic cherry and lemon, according to the payment schedule is the lowest expenditure. Pineapples and apples, blueberries and pears make up the middle ground, moving to the highest value fruits of bananas, plums and classic melons. In order to complete the nostalgic factor, the number 7 symbol appears on the reel with an appropriate number of 5 matches. All wins are obtained by multiplying these values by a line bet to get the total prize. It has a medium to high volatility rating and we find that there is little or no payment until a large drop, which usually occurs during the free spin.




Players who want to bet can bet between 0.02 and 100. Its appearance is bright and pleasant, and it can be paired with happy synthetic music. There are also some beautiful animations with blinking clowns and coins and gems that overflow from the game area, especially super big wins. The traditional BAR and 7 symbols are added to the scrolls of cherries, lemons, melons, oranges, plums and blueberries, but nothing disperses for this one to offer any free spins.

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According to Irish folklore, the fairy is a mischievous little fairy who hides a can of gold at the end of the rainbow and has the ability to give any three wishes to capture it. Whether you choose to believe in such a high (or short-lived) story, you can't deny the charm of Ireland's iconic mascot. In fact, if you like the Irish theme, then you won't be disappointed with this slot machine because its scrolls are full of symbolic (and lucky) icons from Emerald Island, such as golden harp, lucky horseshoe, four leaves Clover, rainbow-colored rainbow, gold pot, and a cheeky goblin, if the player accidentally touched him, they might find it very valuable.




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Play the casino game with the epci golden monkey : Jin Hou Wang and he will takes you to the top of the jackpot life and win the Game for you!




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This Lie Yan Zuan Shi video slot is more like an updated online slot than a classic 3-axis slot. The 5-reeled game has 25 paylines, and the spinner must find three or more matching icons on this payline (you can also make a winning combination with only two diamonds in one line). The biggest bet is 3,000 times the multiplier, and as long as five diamonds shine on the payline, you get a reward. Although they don't have the same influence in the bonus department, these three 7 icons are very interesting because they cover two reels and can trigger multiple paylines to win in one rotation.



The only icon that won't be replaced by wild is the scatter symbol, because it doesn't need to appear on the payline to pay a bet of 100 times the total value. More importantly, three scatters on the reel at any location will activate a free spin of 10 times. During this feature, the winning multiplier starting from x2 will increase by +1 every two rotations, and the sticky wild will be locked at the center of the reel 3.

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