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If you are familiar with this movie, you will know that you can enjoy the moment you open the Halloween video slot. The game takes place on a screen that looks like the front porch of the Strode family and has a transparent scroll in front of the building. On the reel, you will naturally see images of all the main characters of the film, as well as many iconic items that real fans will recognize. Of course, there are also a lot of audio clips in the movie, many of which are played when you win with the right character.




This machine has several special features that can help you escape Michael Myers and take away some big expenses. First of all, there are some wild symbols that can act according to your expectations and replace any icons to help make the winning line. In addition, you will collect at least three scattered bonus symbols in the same rotation. When you do this, you'll be inspired by a series of special features that start with a tricky round reward.

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