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There is also a legend in the temple that whenever a sacred lotus blooms on a pond, a koi, reaching its enlightenment, will become a dragon! Anyone who has the privilege of witnessing this occasion will be destined to receive blessings and receive a fortune reward! Whenever the lotus is in full bloom, whenever the ringing of the gantry rings, will you be a blessed person?

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Like most slot machines, Fire Spin pays from left to right, so to get paid, you need to get three symbols on the payline, starting with the first scroll on the left. All payment values in the payment form apply to your line bet. So if you bet more coins per turn, you will get a prize ten times higher than a single coin.

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The Red Tiger game reappears; making online video slots to celebrate the Eastern culture. The God of Wealth celebrates everything in the East and tries to bring you good luck and entertainment. The base game is equipped with awesome rewards for you to enjoy. These include random wild, rolling bonus picking features, and a free spin bonus game with giant reel symbols.

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In addition to its design, "Wealth Panda" seems to have no more advantages, because it is a video slot, configured with a ridiculously low price per line, with the only exception, a payment established for the five lines formed with the symbol. The coin that the bamboo crossed, by the way, it pays 1000 credits; the next best payment you will find on the list of odds will be only 100 points, which can be 4 with coins and bamboo symbols Line, or the best of the four types of points with any of the following five types of lines; not to mention the lowest-paid symbol in the game.

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The wild game of this game only appears on the second, third and fourth reels as a symbol of fitness cock. The field allows multiple prizes to be awarded by matching other symbols that may win.

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Fortune Tree is an interesting online slot game made by Gameplay Interactive inspired by Chinese folklore. This online slot features stunning 3D visual elements including unique symbols, transparent reels and the golden tree in the background. The 5-reel, 25-payline slot game has a wild and a Scatter symbol. The first one is represented by the tree itself and replaces all basic symbols. In case you get at least three bell scatters anywhere on the reels, you will activate the Free Spins mode with a different multiplier.

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To get the Great Blue reward, you should expect to get at least 3 Sea Shell symbols, and it doesn't matter which scroll they will appear on. Then trigger the bonus. You go to the bottom of the sea and see what it hides and how luck makes you happy. So there are 8 free spins, 2 multipliers.

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