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Hercules is a five-axis slot with five rows and one hundred paylines; huge pillars stand on either side of the reels and have a chain on them that raises and lowers a bar to increase The number of valid paylines, but there will be more later.

There are many symbols related to the theme, including the parents of Hercules - Zeus and Alcmein, Pegasus, Medusa, Hydra and Lion; the lower value is the four playing card symbols.

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This is the only reward feature in this game, it is Playtech's Dollar Ball mini game. Click on the "Enable" button in the top right corner and you will be paid for the extra prize.

Select five numbers between 1 and 49 and draw five balls per rotation. Match one, two or three fixed wins, four of which account for 1% of the total bonus or all five full.

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The maximum prize for any 10 rotations from the wheel is £8. The maximum amount that can be cancelled after any bonus and related bets are completed is £250 - any amount exceeding this amount will be withdrawn. In addition to the 65x bet, you must bet at least £10 in actual funds for the first withdrawal.

The bonus spin bonus is designated as a "bonus fund" for betting. Bonus bonuses will be used for bonus balances until the betting requirements are fully met. Only bonus bets help meet the betting requirements. The real money bet did not contribute. Two withdrawals are allowed during any 24-hour rolling period and withdrawals are not allowed within 48 hours of the first deposit.

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Laura is a 15-payline video slot that runs on the Microgaming software platform and is designed after the famous video game. The Tomb Raider logo is a wild card, the Lara Croft logo is scattered, and the idol logo is a reward card.

Three or more bonus symbols on the active payline will result in a Tomb Bonus round where the player needs to choose between 12 idols. Each idol will find a bonus. If the round is activated by 3 idols, the player can win from 36 to 1500 points. If triggered by 4 idols, the player can win 48 to 2000 bonus points.

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As expected, there must be wild symbols and scatter symbols in most online slot games, and Pirates Treasures is not an exemption. The pirate is a wild symbol in the slot, while the pirate ship is a scattering symbol. The wild symbol will replace all other symbols in the reel to form a winning combination, but it cannot replace the scatter symbol.

When the scatter symbol appears on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5, you will be treated as a multiplier of 2, 5, 10 or 100 times the current line bet. If two or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the scatter symbol will also trigger a free spin.

1 1 1 1 1 Rating 5.00 (3836 Votes)

After pressing the spin button, the game will emit a "light" through 26 different sites. Character symbols and their different colors have 24 representations among these orders, and two of them are used to trigger small bonuses. If the rotation ends with the selected character and the "bright" of the same color, you will win the corresponding bonus. But if not, you will lose this bet. As the "lights" continue to rotate, the game also rotates a separate reel, which determines the outcome of the banker/player/tie bet. This way, even if your character loses, you can still win these bets, or if the "light" and special reels fall where you need, you can win twice.

Another feature you can see while playing this game is the dual scroll that rotates on the left side of the screen. This double scroll is filled with seven special symbols that represent the various enemies of Sun Wukong. If the two reels stop on the same symbol in any of the rounds, the game will trigger the "Battle Mode" bonus function.

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Choosing the vampire blood queen Ivanka during the free spin will see her expand onto the reel and cross the active victory as she progresses.

Gargoyle is an ever-expanding wildlife that can be used in basic games. Immersive sound effects will keep players looking for him. Choosing Van Hell during freespins will see him trying to save her true love from her inner evil vampire, using his barbarians to extend the wildness to the scroll.

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