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Like most slot machines, Fire Spin pays from left to right, so to get paid, you need to get three symbols on the payline, starting with the first scroll on the left. All payment values in the payment form apply to your line bet. So if you bet more coins per turn, you will get a prize ten times higher than a single coin.

The luckiest symbol of them is the Fire Spin symbol, which pays 100 coins (ie 100 times the payline bet). Other higher-income symbols are diamond and lucky coin symbols, which pay 60 and 30 coins, respectively. The game's pay table also has classic single, double and triple BAR symbols, but their design looks like Chinese firecrackers. These symbols pay 3-15 coins for a matching combination of three symbols, but when a mixed combination of three symbols appears on the payline, they do not pay any fees.

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