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The bounty of the Beanstalk slot looks great, with bright and colorful symbols and the background of Jack and his bean stems, making up five reels with their generous 50 paylines. So many lines give you more chances to arrange the symbols, so you should get a lot of smaller wins, not just some big wins.

Jack himself is not actually a regular symbol, we will find him soon, but the cow, the blonde, the axe and the magic beans are there, and the mandatory 9,10, J, Q, K and A constitute Low-income people.

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Made by Ash Gaming's imaginative team, Cash Blox is a bit different from the usual fare, a slot machine experience in the form of an arcade game called Tetris. Conceived by a Russian designer, Tetris is a video game that can be matched with tiles to solve puzzles. It has been around for more than 30 years, but the Ash Gaming version is more modern.

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Egypt Spin contains scatter wilds. These symbols take on the responsibilities of both scatter/bonus triggering multiplier icons, as well as substitute symbols. Scatter wilds appear as golden scarab beetles and can replace any other symbols in the slot without exception. They can also dish out scattered cash prizes worth 1x, 10x or 50x your total bet when 3, 4 or 5 of them appear anywhere on the reels during a single spin.

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Players can bet by dividing the line bet and only eight different pre-made bets can be selected. They have a wide range of values, starting at $0.01 and ending at $5.00. After selecting a bet, the reel can be played.

Unfortunately, this Slot doesn't have any game features and there aren't many prizes. There are only three expenses, the first value is 8 coins, the second value is 88 coins, and the third value is 888 coins.

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Welcome to Ancient Rome, welcome to the reel of Playtech's theme slot machine Gladiator. Paying tribute to the big name of the same name, Ridley Scott, we can't help but fall in love with the Gladiator slot! The only setback is the protagonist of Russell Crowe, which means that Maximus has no features, but the fear is not because all other important characters in the movie are welcome on your scroll. Charming, helpful, and easy on the eyes, this is the reel of your rotating gladiator slot.

To get the most out of your gaming experience, Playtech has released a Gladiator Jackpot slot that gives you the chance to get some cool bonuses with 2 million chips! Ladies and men, prepare your armor, we are going to the Colosseum, you are indeed invited!

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Then you have a free game feature that activates when 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels at the same time - you have 15 free spins with dynamic multipliers. The multiplier starts at a random value and ranges from 2x to 5x.

After each winning spin, the multiplier is stepped from its initial value until it reaches 5x. A non-winning rotation that reduces the multiplier by one step until it doubles. Basically, the multiplier will increase and decrease during the free spin, unless you win or lose.

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Ji Xiang 8 is a 3-volume 8 payline video slot released by Playtech. Its theme focuses on the East that you will definitely notice after the network slot is loaded, because there is a golden figure of the Chinese emperor in the upper right corner of the screen. The audiovisual equipment of the game is very simple. Each symbol contained in the game contains theme related objects such as lion, koi, lantern and so on!

Is your goal to win the grand prize? Then sit back and relax and rotate the auspicious 8 reel as it gives you the chance to win a lot of cash right away! The video slot doesn't offer many special features, but you can still get a higher win because the winning payline is set horizontally and vertically!

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