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The flashing background music may make you feel like you are in a Chinese restaurant, but in fact this is another East-themed online slot for Playtech; it is called Jin Qian Wa, which joins a long list of looking east Inspirational game - you can find all the necessary details below.

The Jin Qian Wa is a five-row slot with three rows and a maximum of forty branches; those reels rotate in a gorgeous gold frame, which sits on a dark purple background. Jin qian wa wild high-value symbols include yin and yang icons and three carved animals - dragons, turtles and elephants; 9,10, J, Q, K and A represent lower values, designed in a Chinese way.

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As you can see, Pink Panther is full of interesting features. You will also trigger them often, but the prizes will not be as high as other slots. However, this will ensure that your funds last for a while, which is good. You can win some nice amounts with the free spin feature, but don't hold your breath to get a big win.

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The main reward function of the Streak Of Luck slot machine is activated by players who log in consecutive winning spins, 5, 5, 15, 20, 45 and 60 free spins are available for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 respectively. Second direct bonus. All of these bonus games require a double the bonus multiple, and if the player gets an elusive 10th win, they can also get a jackpot.

That being said, the Streak Of Luck slot does have an extra bonus round, which is triggered by more traditional means. In order to activate it, the player will need to place the dice symbols on one, three and five turntables at the same time and then bring them to a new screen where they will throw three dice three times.

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The jackpot is displayed in the jackpot planner for the slot, but when playing the base game, the maximum jackpot non-progressive bonus is approximately 40,000, and this is awarded the case where five Cleopatra symbols are queued when playing less than the maximum bet spin.

The reel symbols on all five reels of the Pyramid Queen Slots game are all symbol types drawn on the inner wall of the pyramid, so look forward to all types of hieroglyphics, you don't need to know the ancient Egyptian letters to play this yet. Simply arrange a set of matching symbols from left to right on the active payline, starting with the first reel and then paying you the relevant payment listed in the payment form.

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Playing the Love Boat slot takes a minimum of 0.25 rotation, but by adjusting the coin level option, you can be sure to find a bet level that suits your game style and available budget.

There are 3,000 coins available on The Love Boat, which you get when you rotate 5 Wild symbols to any active payline. Reminiscent of the terrible fashion choices of the 70s, the reel symbol on this slot is Captain Merrill Stubing, Dr. Adam "Doc" Bricker, Isaac Washington, Beverage, Lifebuoy, Heart and Clipboard symbols.

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Game symbols like ingot, toad, koi fish, oranges and coins really projects the overall Chinese feel. Backed up by playing cards ace, king, queen, jack, ten and nine we grade this Playtech produced game 5 out of five for putting this together. Wagering on Ri Ri Sheng Cai is quite simple, from a minimum wager of $0.88 up to a maximum bet of $88.00, you will find there are many options. A great big Bonus of playing Ri Ri Sheng Cai is the fact the slot's wild icon good fortune symbol allows you to connect pay combinations with any other icons. This becomes really good when you can have multiple pay lines using the wild spaces. Multiple scatters symbols of the gold tree can deliver you a great pay as well.

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From classic 3-reel games to popular 5-reel slots and record-breaking progressive jackpot slots, we review hundreds of games every month. Of course, we wouldn't waste your time with the lousy games, so we've carefully compiled a list of the best slots on the net in 2019.

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