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Streak Of Luck

You may forgive me for thinking that the Streak of Luck video slot will never be paid. However, don't despair, there are more things to offer in this game. On the one hand, it has been superimposed in the base game, winning, a big win will be about 15 times your bet, but they will definitely help you rise.

Streak Of Luck Streak Of Luck Streak Of Luck Streak Of Luck

Not to mention clicking on my dice bonus. It's not common, but that's because it's really profitable. You can roll the dice three times and win the number on the dice (a 6 can give you a 6x bet, etc.). However, with two seven-a-side, you will win an extra 20 times the bet. Throw three sevens and you will win a 200-fold bet. The powerful hidden jackpot was won there.

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