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Live22 is one of the leading online casinos for slot games in Malaysia.They offer quality online gambling and betting experiences for Malaysian gamblers. Live22 upgrade itself on online slot games with an immersive environment.

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We offer a impressive selection of your favorite slot games, compatible with tablets and Android phones, so you can enjoy gambling anytime, anywhere. Live22 provide a advanced security systems, which has revolutionized the way we make online slot gambling. Combine modern design and architecture, marvelous at the real online slot machine gaming experience and enjoy the Royal Online Slots gaming experience, whether you are an experienced gambler or a casual player, looking for a cheap thrill, Live22 have it all.


Live22 has been providing quality online slot games for a large number of our customers, winning huge commercial and jackpots in the process. Our online slot games feature immersive graphic design that is compatible with modern smartphones. Join now and start enjoying the wonderful time.

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In Zeus D'Mighty, the scattering symbol is represented by gold coins. This symbol appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4 and can occupy any position. When three bonus symbols are seen simultaneously on the reels 2, 3 and 4, the free spin function will be activated. After the start of the round, you will receive 7 free spins. Any high paying symbol may appear to be stacked on the reel during each spin. When the feature ends, all your bonuses will be accumulated and added to your balance. However, other free spins cannot be triggered during this function.

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The cost of rotation is between 2 and 100 credits. If your goal is to win, then the general rule for all progressive slot machines is to pay more for the spin because a certain percentage of the bet contributes to the progressive accumulator.

Here, the four types of progressive wins are Grand, Major, Minor and Mini. These secret rooms in the Taj Mahal are unlocked with three Jackpot icons depicting Ganesha. This is one of the most admired gods in the Hindu Pantheon. It only appears on the second, third and fourth reels and triggers the astrological wheel. Rotate it to determine your big payment. Other special characters in the palace include non-paid wildlife depicting the Taj Mahal and precious brooch, a scatter plot. Five of them will be multiplied by the total number of shares x25. The five main symbols of the odds table are the gold depictions of Mumtaz Mahal, elephants, tigers, peacocks and cobras. These will pay up to 25 to 15 points on the winning line.

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If the correct reward symbol appears, the gambler will receive a wild substitute, a free spin bonus, and the real big game is a jackpot round, where the percentage of the reward is guaranteed. The wildlife-themed online casino slot machine is certainly nothing new, but it is a beautiful-looking game with realistic images, plus the appropriate African drum style soundtrack to match the rotation and bell of the reel.

This realism is a common feature in the GamingSoft slot series that extends to the atmospheric image of trees on the African plains at sunset, dotted with examples of continental art, including behind control buttons. All 50 lines are in progress, so each spin can be at least 0.50, although you can find the free Wilds of Africa video slot and have a good percentage of returning players in a stand-alone iTech Labs game that is fully certified for fairness. Test authority.

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Like most of the GamingSoft online slot game series, it's well-designed and revolving around the scrolls with gorgeous frames, and the realistic symbols will appeal to fans of the popular magic and mysticism. The free The Mythical Unicorn video slot is used to practice rotation. If you want to play real money, each rotation needs at least 0.40. You can choose to set the reels to spin faster, or have them play automatically as many times as you want, or until the funds are used up.

To complement the glowing blue and purple flowers that fill the background image of this game, the lower value symbol consists of more flowers, and the bright blue return bonus equals 5 times, 12 times or 20 times the bet per line. It can be stopped on 3, 4 or 5 reels on any payline. There is a purple flower symbol, a white and orange flower, and the top paying flowers are filled with each color of the rainbow, paying 8 times, 20 times or 35 times. The Forest Fairy rewards bigger and better prizes, starting with a green girl, with a line bet up to 80 times the value, while red hair returns up to 90 times, and blue-eyed fairies pay up to 100 times.

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You can adjust the bet for each rotation from 0.20 to 200.00 to win the prize in the base game, when 3, 4 or 5 of the symbol type stops on the pay line from the left in an uninterrupted order. Varna's free treasure video slots are available, although the high return player percentage means that on average, you will get the majority of each bet.

All symbols are directly related to the theme, so no one card icon seems to fill up the scrolls of so many slot machines. Brown rocks, hard hats, gold nuggets and a mine car filled with more gold coins create a small line of victory, with green, red, blue and white crystals lined up to reward higher prizes. The pristine signpost acts as a wild symbol, so when the player places a matching symbol on the reel, but there is a gap in the run, the field can replace the missing part and still win the prize. It can also further extend the winning line of 3 or 4 matching symbols on the reel for a greater return. When the road signs form a separate victory combination, the road sign also points to the best prize, and the return line bets 2,500 times, although it cannot be used as a decentralized or cumulative reward symbol.

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The legendary Mulan is a sporty graphic game with some tried and tested bonuses that players love. Same as all video slots made by Mobilots - this is a mobile-first studio - this game can be played on Android, iPhone or any other mobile device that supports HTML5.

If the name hasn't given you a hint yet, this slot machine game is inspired by the legendary heroine Mulan. Although it may remind you of the 1998 Disney cartoon Mulan, this slot is actually not inspired by animated films, but inspired by the legend of female warriors. The scrolls of the game look like the wooden gates of the hilltop village, overlooking the misty landscape and the grasslands. As you rotate, you will see beautiful exotic symbols appear on your screen while playing a relaxed oriental soundtrack. This combination of sound and visual effects can be fascinating, especially when wild symbols pop up and trigger teenage laughs.

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