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You can play 1 to 5 lines. Be sure to play 5 lines for all lines. Gopher, Duck, and Catfish symbols are scatter symbols - 3 or more matches in a continuous scroll are scattered to activate the bonus round.

In the bonus game, choose a driver, an iron, and then choose a putter. You will win prizes based on the three clubs you choose. If you use four scatter symbols to enter the bonus game, your bonus will triple. If you enter five scatter symbols, your bonus is multiplied by ten.

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Note that the Great Blue free slot does not need to be downloaded! Here you can win 33 free spins or get an X15 multiplier. Underwater design and curious sound effects will impress those who love the underwater world! It has 5 reels and 25 paylines.

The game became so famous because the wild blue whale's wild symbol replaced the symbols other than Scatter. With this icon, any player can increase the chances of winning a good prize. In addition, there is a Scatter Sea Shell that activates a bonus round.

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There is absolutely no need to use the mute button here. The background of the transparent scroll is the lake, the mountains and the sky under the moonlight.

In addition to the standard 10, J, Q, K and A, there is a series of beautiful Chinese lanterns in dark blue, light blue, green, orange and red. There is a big "wild" symbol that can replace all other symbols except scattering; scattering itself is a gorgeous yin and yang symbol.

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Here's what Spade Gaming knows about Great China and everything you need to know. Giant pandas only live in most parts of China. In this game, you will appreciate the beauty of this country. The scrolls are set in the mountains, where the snow peaks stretch to where the eyes can see. In the foreground and in the distance, the dotted pagoda gives you no doubt exactly where you are, but you will not see a soul that disturbs peace.

The more symbols you match, the more likely your prizes will be. The panda represents a wild symbol that only appears on reels 2 and 4. This means it can replace other symbols and help you get a winning combination more easily. Pandas cannot intervene in scatter symbols or jackpot symbols.

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There are signs for wheels, scorpions and truck driver hats, prices are lower than gas stations and color trucks. Gas stations cost up to 5,000 coins.

Red Truck acts as a Wild symbol, replacing all symbols during the game. The Scatter icon is presented here in the form of a beautiful lady in the hat. You will face The Truck Racing Bonus round. In addition, there is the Highway Kings Pro Jackpot.

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When you compete on the reels to win instant cash rewards, immerse yourself in the luck of the East. The white clouds of the blue sky stretched out on the horizon, full of grassy wilderness, covered with the eyes. The only building that breaks the landscape is the traditional pagoda, creating a very real feeling. During the breakout bonus, you will also have the opportunity to receive additional prizes and re-trigger free spins indefinitely.

Once you are familiar with the odds table, you can return to the main game and get ready to start your mission. But just before you do, don't forget to set your own betting preferences. Great Stars plays on 5 reels in a standard 5x3 configuration and offers up to 15 paylines. If you prefer, you can choose to play with fewer paylines and use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to make your selection.

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This 5-axis slot machine offers up to 50 connections for all paying users and a presentation mode for those who don't want to bet on real money.

Since this is a fictional world, a bunch of Arctic animals will try to help you achieve a randomly generated progressive reward, waiting for you on the grid. Even if they don't get your biggest bonus, this is what every animal lover dreams of: being able to embrace a powerful creature that can easily kill you, but choose not to love you so much. In the slot machine game in Iceland, you can use as many polar bears as you want. In fact, the more you find, the better.

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