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This is far from the main screen, so you have to click the pay table button in the lower left corner of the reel. To win this game, you need to match the symbols on the valid payline. To get a small prize, you need to match three, but if you match five, you will get a bigger bonus. All symbols are different values, and the odds table shows the value of each symbol.

There are up to 50 paylines, but you can choose as many paylines as possible. The more paylines you choose, the better your chances of winning, but it will also increase your bet. You can strike the right balance between budget and victory! You can also change the value of the coin from a minimum of 0.01 to 1.00, and you can bet up to 10 coins per line. All coins and lines must be of the same value.

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The most promising part is the description of the jackpot - actually a bunch of jackpots. You have the chance to win the prize pool, the random first prize and the second prize of $2,500. Coin denominations are $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1 and $5.00. Please note that in order to win a grand prize, you must bet the maximum.

The maximum number of coins you can bet is 400. The total number of winners is 25. Wild symbols have the ability to triple your bonus, and the distraction in the game will introduce your seven free spins, a disappointing number for such a seemingly reputable slot machine. Of course, automatic rotation is provided.

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It has a wealth of icons depicting football jerseys, football fan symbols, large stadiums, and various football equipment. The Fan icon plays the role of the Wild symbol, while the Stadium plays the Scatter role. Amazing sound effects and a colorful interface awaken the spirit of the game. The above number you selected for each rotation. If this amount matches your choice, you will be rewarded.

Before starting the game, choose a coin size between 0.01 and 5. If you choose the maximum bet feature, it can increase your chances of getting a 10,000 coin jackpot. Press the Rotate button to activate the process or try the AutoPlay feature. The last one keeps your game going. All video game slots have their own special mini-games. This gives you a bonus round. In order to go there, you need to save 5 Scatter symbols.

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When you play on the reels and want to win a generous cash prize, you can surround yourself with the good fortune and lucky symbols of Chinese culture. To do this, you need to go to the odds table and pause the main game.

A lower value symbol will provide a match for matching three symbols, while some other higher value symbols only need to match two to pay. Top Awards - Fortune Cookies - will provide prizes for landing on active paylines. The more matches you manage to land on any valid payline, the higher your bonus will be. In addition to the regular symbols, there is a wild dispersion. The wild symbol will represent any other symbol, not that he tries to create a winning line more easily.

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These are male and female frogs that provide the highest winning payment amount when they are found on the 5 reels of the game. Other symbols included in the Frog Hunter slot game include crocodile, cymbal and Lily Pad.

In contrast, there are some more common symbols in many online slot games. These are portrayed as cherries, lemons, plums and watermelon slices, and reward players with lower jackpot numbers. Lily Pad is used as the Scatter symbol in the Frog Hunter slot game. For most products from BetSoft online authoring, the Wild symbol or any other bonus symbol is usually not found during the game.

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Choose to use the start button manually, or press and hold the start button (the big green button in the lower right corner of the screen) to activate automatic rotation instead of the additional auto-rotate button found in most other slots. Each win is calculated based on the highest combination of 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols (displayed from left to right on the reels) and any bonus is added to the bonus.

Every time you log in to a combination, it's an adventure, and each character will resurrect and pass a small animation. The elegant ladies turned into terrible warriors, and the animals jumped, roared, breathed, and so on. Graphic design is truly amazing in this game, with the latest and most intelligent technology, and there is a real power and excitement when playing it.

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The Tutti Frutti slot has 5 reels, 18 paylines, 2,500 coin jackpots, dual pay wild, scattered, free spins and extra features! The fruit of the Tutti Frutti online slot machine knows more than the salad.

Start with the selected coin size, from .02 to 5.00. You can fill each of its 18 lines with up to 5 coins, with a minimum bet of up to .36 coins and a maximum bet of 450 coins per game.

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