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Online Casino Malaysia - JOM.FUN

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Casino Online in Malaysia - Jom Fun

Jom.Fun provide the best casino games online for online casino gambling in Malaysia.

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Before you can play online casino at Jom.Fun kindly contact our 24hours friendly customer service :) for FREE ID of casino games you prefer to play, or if you need any assistant. 

Can't decide which casino game to play ? or which casino game is best win rate (easy to win) ? 

Here is the list of casino games that based on popular by our customers:
  1. 918KISS or SCR888 - Online slot game available in Android, iOS  and PC, 918Kiss download or SCR888 casino download free. ????????????????????
  2. Mega888 - Online video slot game available in Android, iOS and PC computer, Mega888 download free. ????????????
  3. Pussy888 - Online casino games include slot machines and live dealer games, Pussy888 download free for Android, iOS and PC.????????
  4. NTC33 (Newtown Casino) - Separate in 2 apk, one for casino live dealer games and one for online slot games,  NTC33 download (New town Casino) available in Android and PC.????
  5. LPE88 (Lucky Palace Casino) - Same as NTC33 you can play casino live dealer games or online slot machine games,  LPE88 download (Lucky Palace Casino) FREE. ????????????
  6. LIVE22 - Casino games include live dealer games and online slot games, LIVE22 casino download. ????????
  7. SKY777 - Online casino games include slot machines and live dealer table games, SKY777 casino download.
  8. Playboy Casino - online slot game available in Android, iOS and PC, Playboy (Play8oy) casino download. ????????
  9. Rollex11 - Available in 2 apps, one for casino live games and one for online slot games, Rollex11 casino download.
  10. Joker123 - Online slot games available in Android and IOS, Joker123 download. ????
  11. ACE333 - Online slot machine games, available in Android, iOS and computer version, ACE333 download. ????
  12. 3WIN8 - Classic style online casino games, 3WIN8 casino download.
  13. STAR996 - Online sport betting games, STAR996 casino download.


As usual 1st place is 918KISS or KISS918 or SCR888 , this online slot games is so popular here, close to 70% of our customer go for this online slot machines, based on our data the payout RTP (payout return to play) rate is set very high, average about 99%+ each slot machine, what does is mean? Return to player or payout is the percentage of the total bet amount that the casino has returned to the players, as wins. This is calculated using the formula of TOTAL WIN AMOUNT per TOTAL BET AMOUNT, after simulating all possible game results or a very large number of game-plays (over 10 million).

With very high RTP mean you can play or enjoy longer for same amount of credit.

Another reason this 918Kiss is so popular is their UI (user interface) is very user friendly and graphic is attractive.

918kiss user interface
918kiss UI
Inside 918KISS online slots suite, is content 136 slot machines and casino table games, and some very hot slot games is "Safary heat","Great blue","Iris Luck" and more ......

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