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Live22 is one of the leading online casinos for slot games in Malaysia.They offer quality online gambling and betting experiences for Malaysian gamblers. Live22 upgrade itself on online slot games with an immersive environment.

We offer a impressive selection of your favorite slot games, compatible with tablets and Android phones, so you can enjoy gambling anytime, anywhere. Live22 provide a advanced security systems, which has revolutionized the way we make online slot gambling. Combine modern design and architecture, marvelous at the real online slot machine gaming experience and enjoy the Royal Online Slots gaming experience, whether you are an experienced gambler or a casual player, looking for a cheap thrill, Live22 have it all. Live22 has been providing quality online slot games for a large number of our customers, winning huge commercial and jackpots in the process. Our online slot games feature immersive graphic design that is compatible with modern smartphones. Join now and start enjoying the wonderful time.


IOS Installation Guide


Step 1 - Download Live22 IOS from the button below

Step 1


Step 2 - Press the "Install" button

Step 2


Step 3 - Press the Live22 Icon

Step 3


Step 4 - Press the "Cancel" Button

Step 4


Step 5 - Press the Setting Button

Step 5


Step 6 - In the setting, Press the "General" Button

Step 6


Step 7 - Press the "Device Management" Button

Step 7


Step 8 - Press the "Lucky8 Technology Inc" Button

Step 8


Step 9 - Press the "Trust Lucky8 Technology Inc" Button

Step 9


Step 10 - Press the "Trust" Button

Step 10


Step 11 - Now Enjoy Your Game

Step 11


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