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  • 3 Kingdom Dragon Boat

    Lets bet with the China Traditional Dragon Boat! Its quite fun and stimulate and there are huge Jackpot in each Dragon Boat! You may be the one get away with the huge money!

  • 5 Fortune Dragon

    This golden video slot has 243 ways to win and has several exciting bonuses.

  • Animal Paradise

    There are 4 animals in this game to let you choose which to bet with and the animal you choose may lead you to the huge Jackpot

  • Da Fu Xiao Fu

    All symbols have different values. Lower-value symbols need to match three to pay for the bonus, while others cost a little more than just pay for two matches.

  • Dragon Gold

    Dragon Gold

    If you are soon, you will also find the purple dragon egg. This is a good sign about the game. A worthwhile. The first thing you will notice is how the layout is organized. The title of the game is the uppercase letter in the middle of the top of the main display. It has the gold claws shown in the front, one at each end.

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